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Bass Lessons Knoxville TN | Knoxville Bass Lessons with Ryan Byrne

Bass Lessons in Knoxville TN with Nashville Pro Bassist Ryan Byrne!

Pro bassist and music educator Ryan Byrne is now offering private bass guitar lessons in Knoxville, TN exclusively through Knoxville Academy of Music, the largest independent music school in Tennessee! Byrne is accepting bass students of all ages and ability levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced).

Bass Lessons for All Ages

Bass Guitar Lessons for Children

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Bass Guitar Lessons for Teens

Bass Lessons for Teens |

Bass Guitar Lessons for Adults

Bass Lessons for Adults |

Bass Guitar Lessons for Seniors

Bass Lessons for Seniors |

When looking for bass instructors, sometimes students are able to find people that have made a name for themselves because they are great players. But being a great player doesn’t necessarily translate to being a great teacher. On the flip side of the coin, sometimes students find instructors that were trained as music teachers, but may not have performance experience at the professional level. But when you sign up for bass lessons with Ryan Byrne, you get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Not only has Byrne spent over a dozen years performing professionally with Nashville artists (including US and international tours), but also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and has 10 years experience teaching music in public schools from small town New England to Metropolitan Nashville.

In addition, since these lessons are offered through Knoxville Academy of Music, you get all the benefits of being a KAM student! Benefits such as the Musical Ladder System, recital opportunities, free group make-up lessons, spacious studios & convenient location (11230 Kingston Pike in Farragut/Knoxville TN), and more!

Electric Bass Instructor Ryan Byrne

Ryan Byrne | Electric Bass Guitar Teacher | Knoxville TN

To sign up for or learn more about private bass lessons with Ryan Byrne, please contact:
Knoxville Academy of Music
11230 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37934
(865) 328-4565

Bass Guitar Lessons with Ryan Byrne at Knoxville Academy of Music

Ryan Byrne is a member of Music Teachers Network

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