Please Give Me Permission

Years ago I played this song for a Nashville songwriter and producer that I look up to. His advice to me was to be careful with cliches in my songwriting. I did take his advice into consideration, but this song was already written – And I still like it all these years later. So I recently recorded this little live solo arrangement and released it into social media land. I hope you enjoy it!

“Please, Give Me Permission” Lyric

“Please, Give Me Permission”
(by Ryan Byrne)
(Verse 1)
Girl, you know that I won’t do
what you do not want me to.
We can stop right now.
But, I think the time has come,
let me become one with you.
My love to you I vow.
Forever, faithfully.
Let me give you all of me.
But I won’t light up your night
unless you tell me it’s alright.
Girl, I’ll honor your decision.
And I won’t make your every day
unless you tell me it’s okay.
Let this be of your own volition.
But please, please, please
give me permission.
(Verse 2)
Girl, if this wasn’t real,
you wouldn’t feel the way you feel.
Let me in your soul.
I will make your every night
feel just like it feels tonight.
I will make you whole.
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

Girl, I’m beggin’ you, please . . .
I’m down on my knees!
(Repeat Chorus)
(Words & Music Copyright (c) 2023 Ryan Byrne. Sound Recording Copyright (p) 2023 Ryan Byrne. All Rights Reserved)