Musician Ryan Byrne

Ryan Byrne has been performing music professionally since 1994 with various artists and bands from New England to Nashville. For information on Ryan’s work with any particular musical project, please click on the associated link below.

RYAN BYRNE (Solo Recordings): For info about Ryan’s solo recordings, visit

NOSTALGIC DISTORTION: For info about Ryan Byrne’s work as bassist for New Hampshire indie-rock band Nostalgic Distortion, visit

STEPHEN COCHRAN: For info about Ryan Byrne’s work as bassist for Nashville recording artist / singer-songwriter Stephen Cochran, visit

LIQUID VELVET (formerly STEVE RUTLEDGE and the GROOVE EVOLUTION): For info about Ryan’s work with Liquid Velvet (formerly Steve Rutledge and the Groove Evolution), visit

FREELANCE BASSIST: For info about Ryan Byrne’s work as a freelance Nashville bassist, visit

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