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“The bass is the harmonic foundation of your recording, connecting the rhythm to the melody. A bass line can make or break a song. When it comes to recording your musical project, today’s technology brings Nashville to your front door. Don’t just “settle” when it comes to the bass, hire a professional online session bassist!” – Ryan Byrne

Online Session Bassist Ryan Byrne Will Record Custom Online Bass Tracks for Your Project!

Online Session Bassist Ryan Byrne is available for recording custom online bass tracks for your recording project anywhere in the world! With a Bachelor’s Degree in music education, Byrne was classically trained and has more than 20 years experience recording and performing with professional rock and country acts nationally and internationally.

Byrne is known as a solid “groove monster” bassist with impeccable timing that plays what the music calls for, and will do the same for your recording project. To ensure that his stylistically appropriate bass lines are captured by the best in recording technology, Byrne records his bass tracks at The Groove House Recording Studio with nationally acclaimed Nashville producer/guitarist Steve Rutledge at the console. Then a top notch product is emailed directly to you anywhere in the world.


Rates for custom online bass tracks recorded by professional online session bassist Ryan Byrne:

[table cols=”*Rates,# of Songs” data=”$75 per song,10+ songs,$82 per song,8 – 9 songs, $89 per song,6 – 7 songs,$99 per song,4 – 5 songs,$119 per song,2 – 3 songs,$149 per song,1 song”]

NOTE: Listed rates are for songs up to 5 minutes in length (Then add $15 per minute of song length over 5 minutes). Rates include at least two takes and one free revision. Additional revisions are $25 each.


Ryan is happy to perform a free retake/revision if neither of the two original takes are approved by you, the client. Additional revisions are $25 each. But the more specific you can be up front about what you want, the less chance of having to deal with time-consuming revisions, and you can receive your completed tracks in a more timely and cost-efficient manner. However, if part of the reason you are hiring Ryan is because you aren’t exactly sure what you want, then rest assured that your bass part is in good hands (figuratively and literally). Ryan is a well-rounded and experienced musician with solid musical instincts.


A 50% deposit is due before the session and the remaining 50% is due upon your approval of the finished bass tracks before the final product is emailed to you. Payment can be made via Paypal, Venmo, or credit card on the online store.


Upon completion, you will receive a preview of the finished bass tracks. Once you approve the tracks and Ryan receives your final payment, you will receive a link to download the finished bass tracks. Usually, you will receive your preview tracks within 5 – 10 business days after Ryan receives your guide tracks, project notes/chord charts, and 50% deposit payment. If it is clear to Ryan upon receipt of your order that it will take longer than 10 business days (due to touring schedule, teaching schedule, etc.) then Ryan will contact you with a date that the project can be completed by. If the proposed date is not acceptable then Ryan will gladly refund your deposit and refer you to another professional online session bassist who may be able to turn your project around by the date you need. Your complete and utter satisfaction is priority #1!

In Need of a Professional to Produce, Mix, or Master Your Recording Project?

As mentioned above, Byrne works with producer/guitarist extroardinaire Steve Rutledge at The Groove House Recording Studio. Rutledge may be available to produce, mix, or master your project.

In Need of Additional Online Session Musicians?

If you are in need of additional online session musicians (drums, guitar, piano/keyboard, vocals, banjo, mandolin, violin/fiddle, etc.) Ryan Byrne and Steve Rutledge can reach out to an extensive network of Nashville session musicians to complete your project.

Have Questions? Want to Contact Byrne Directly Before You Book a Session?

The quickest way to contact Byrne is to text him at (615) 200-7584. You can also email

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