Music City Blues

An original blues ditty about an aspiring country artist trying to make his way in Nashville’s music industry. This song may or may not be inspired by real life events . . . 😉

“Music City Blues” Lyric

“Music City Blues”
(Words & Music by Ryan Byrne)
I got the Music City, the Music City Blues.
Yeah, the world’s smallest fiddle is bowin’ out boo-hoo-hoos.
Playin’ a real sad ditty called the ‘Music City Blues’.
(Verse 1)
When I first came to town, my eyes were all a’gleam –
to chase that neon rainbow, live that honky-tonk dream.
But like AJ said, those ol’ “wheels turn slow” –
They just don’t give a dang on Music Row.
But if you play this game, you’d best be prepared to lose.
‘Cause life ain’t pretty with the Music City Blues.
(Verse 2)
Now after just one year, things ain’t been so nice –
I had my heart broke once, been fired twice.
The phone’s shut off, and the rent is late –
I’ve been eatin’ Ramen Noodles for three weeks straight!
But if you join this club, you got to pay your dues –
Let your guts get gritty, face the Music City Blues.
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3)

Well it’s a one for the money, two for the show
three to get ready and a go, cat, go –
Well if I had my way, if it were up to me,
you know some day that I would be
a fat Nashville cat in a cowboy hat and blue suede shoes.
But I’m just an itty bitty kitty with the Music City Blues.
(Verse 4)
Now after ten long years I thought I’d make it big,
’cause the record man came out to see my gig.
He said, “I like your voice, it’s solid gold.
I’d give you a deal but you’re too dang old!”.
Yeah, like Johnny said, “I was born to lose”.
But I just can’t lose these Music City Blues.
(Repeat Chorus)
A real sad ditty called the Music City,
A real sad ditty called the Music City Blues.
(Words & Music Copyright (c) 2022 Ryan Byrne. Sound Recording Copyright (p) 2022 Ryan Byrne. All Rights Reserved)

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