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New Hampshire native and Nashville recording artist Ryan Byrne sitting and posing with an acoustic guitar.

Ryan Byrne Band (Acoustic Trio) [hereinafter referred to as RBB] is currently accepting select acoustic performance opportunities within the 48 contiguous United States for house concerts, coffee shops, listening rooms, pub/club shows, package shows, music festivals, and other special events (serious inquiries only). Though exact details would be needed to provide an accurate quote, you may view the Ryan Byrne Band (Acoustic Trio) | Performance Quote Estimator to see a detailed breakdown of fees to help estimate the cost of hiring RBB for your next event. The listed fees are for “one-off”/single performances. Certain per-show fees may be reduced if contracting successive performances. As outlined within, the actual “performance fee” is just one of the itemized costs of the overall quote associated with hiring the band. Most of the costs arise from other expenses necessary for the show to happen, such as production (sound & lighting) costs, backline costs, meals fees, lodging costs, travel fees, etc.


Who are the members of the Ryan Byrne Band (Acoustic Trio)?
When the Ryan Byrne Band (Acoustic Trio) is booked out for live performances, Ryan likes to hire his bandmates from Nostalgic Distortion – guitarist Tim Hazelton, and percussionist Marc Sheehan. If Tim and/or Marc are unavailable, Ryan simply reaches out to his vast network of musicians that he befriended over the last 25+ years of playing in bands from New England to Nashville.

If the Ryan Byrne Band (Acoustic Trio) is usually comprised of the same band members as Nostalgic Distortion, then what is the difference between hiring either band?
Some of the main differences between the Ryan Byrne Band (RBB) and Nostalgic Distortion (ND) are genre, repertoire, and audience appeal. RBB’s original music would be filed under the genres of Alternative Folk and Americana, with a fair share of Irish Folk covers thrown in. Whereas ND’s original music would primarily be considered power pop punk rock’n’roll, especially in the early days – though the band is currently exploring their acoustic side, performing stripped down versions of their distortion-drenched classics. RBB’s live set would primarily feature Ryan’s original music from his solo recordings, whereas ND’s set would primarily feature Ryan and Tim’s originals written primarily for and recorded with ND. (By the way, Tim Hazelton also has a few solo albums out and performs regularly around New Hampshire. Check out some of his solo original music at TimHazelton.com!)

Where can I hear some of the songs that the Ryan Byrne Band (Acoustic Trio) would play at their live shows?
Ryan has several solo live acoustic performance videos and a couple full-band solo project studio audio recordings on the Solo Recordings page of this website. RBB would perform full-band / trio versions of these songs. Feel free to back up and click on that link to watch / listen to some of Ryan’s songs!

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