Byrne Auto

Featured image for Ryan Byrne Endorsements - Byrne Auto depicting Ryan standing in front of Byrne Auto with his parents who are handing him the keys to his new van that he just purchased from them.

I drive a minivan, and have since the time I was 18 years old. Why? As a musician, a minivan is my choice vehicle for transporting my instruments, amps, and other musical gear. Those of you that know me, know that I grew up in a family business, Byrne Auto in Gorham, NH. My parents, and the family business, have always been the biggest supporters of my musical endeavors. They have always made sure that I have a dependable, nice looking minivan to travel with. I have logged hundreds of thousands of miles on my minivans up and down the east coast, and every trip from Tennessee to New Hampshire and back included a stop at Byrne Auto, where my vehicle was thoroughly inspected and serviced to ensure that I get to the next gig!
Learn more about Byrne Auto at ByrneAuto.com.

Retronix / Retronix USA Guitars

As the bassist for Liquid Velvet (formerly Groove Evolution) featuring Steve Rutledge and Alyssa Laine, I’m often privy to piggyback on endorsement deals that Steve has with various companies. It was through one of Steve’s endorsements that I was provided with my current Retronix R800B 4-string bass. I absolutely fell in love with it – it plays like butter! The first generation of Retronix guitars and basses were Korean built versions of their custom American made J. Backlund Design counterparts. However, The 2nd generation, known as Retronix USA, are now custom made in the USA.
Learn more about Retronix USA guitars and basses at RetronixGuitars.com.

GMF Music

Once again, through my association with Steve Rutledge and The Groove Evolution, I was introduced to GMF Music’s Ai ProTube. My reaction? Wow!! Just Wow! For years and years I carried a big heavy bass amp with me from gig to gig. In recent years, however, taking note of fellow bassists that were switching over from amps to pre-amp/direct boxes, I was on the lookout for a similar solution. I had previously bought a different brand direct box, but was not happy with the sound, and returned it after the gig. However, the sound of the Ai ProTube D.I. with it’s blue glowing tube was fantastic! It wasn’t long before I got one of my own. It is marketed as an “Acoustic Pre-Amp/D.I.”, but I use it as my electric bass D.I. and get rave reviews from sound techs everywhere we play!
Learn more about GMF Music’s Ai ProTube at GMFamps.com/protube.