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CD cover art featuring beautiful photo of the Old Man of the Mountain in winter against a blue sky background. Photo by Chuck Theodore.
Ryan Byrne “Good Night Boss” CD-Single (2003). Cover photo by Chuck Theodore. Ryan wishes to express sincere thanks to the photo copyright owner for digital display permission.

Sixteen years after the creation of, “Good Night Boss” finally gets a dedicated page on the website! After moving to Nashville in 2004, Ryan launched to help promote himself as a bassist for hire. It was initially just a basic one-page website with a few pics, brief bio, a resume, some links and his contact info, sort of like an online brochure for artists and bands that were potentially interested in hiring Ryan for gigs or tours. Though he had a popular regional song release in northern New Hampshire with “Good Night Boss” – a song written in tribute to a historical New Hampshire landmark – Ryan felt it wouldn’t quite resonate in Nashville or help plead his case as a bassist for hire. So the song didn’t get any digital real estate on the original one-page site.

Indeed, Ryan found work as a bassist and over the last 16 years has enjoyed some amazing opportunities touring the USA and sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in country and rock music. As Ryan’s music, teaching, and business endeavors grew, so did his website . . . make that websites! Besides the ever-growing and ever-broadening, Ryan now also maintains several other websites that are more specific to various areas his career – “Musician” (,, “Educator” (,, and “Entrepreneur” (,,, etc. has evolved over time from a single-page website with a very focused objective to a multi-faceted site with more than 25 web pages and over 60 blog posts reflecting everything that Ryan does professionally.

So, as the all-encompassing site that has become, it is only fitting that it finally has a dedicated page to represent the “Good Night Boss” song! Stream and or download the song for FREE, read about the history of the song and the Old Man of the Mountain, and see the beautiful photograph of the Old Man by renown landscape photographer Chuck Theodore that was licensed as the original CD-Single’s cover art. Visit the new “Good Night Boss” page at!

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